New Construction

New Construction

Valassis Delivers New Homeowner Leads Before They've Reported their New Addresses

Be the first to reach high-spending consumers at the pivotal stage of deciding what to purchase for their new households with the most complete list of new construction homeowners on the market.

A move into a newly constructed home is typically an upwardly mobile move, which is an indicator of increased buying power. Subsequently, these new movers can budget higher for new home décor, furnishings, and services than those moving into preowned homes.

Speed-to-market is essential to win the patronage of new homeowners, and with Valassis you find new addresses before your competition does. As the most complete source of new construction homes, Valassis delivers these new movers earlier than any other provider of new move data. Identified by their "move-in" dates, these new homebuyers do not show up on other lists until well after they have settled in

Real estate developers must let the U.S. Postal Service know that they will have a new home and/or neighborhood to deliver mail to before the shovel hits the dirt. Since new home construction can take from 6-12 months, these "pending neighbors" will remain inactive on the USPS® file until they move in. When these families move in and the USPS® begins delivering mail, Valassis instantly activates them as New Construction families and can immediately provide these new homeowner sales leads.

Housing Starts Back Up

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits were up 17% in late 2011 during the same period in 2010. This means more opportunity to capitalize on new construction household spending for direct marketers.

New Construction Homes Only

Updated weekly, only addresses of newly constructed residences make it onto this list. Compiled directly from the USPS® postal feed, 100% of the new addresses are "Single Family Dwelling Units" (SFDU's) or "Multi-Family Dwelling Units" (MFDU's) not previously occupied. PO Boxes are not included unless a PO Box is the only means for a resident to receive mail.

Houses that receive a new street name, ZIP Code, or carrier route are not defined as new construction and are not included in this file. Refurbished construction also is not included in this file.

Household Targeting Selections Include:

  • Dwelling Type
  • Renter/Owner
  • Move In Date
  • Gender (on a limited population)

Neighborhood Targeting Selections Include:

  • Median Age
  • Median Home Value
  • Median Income

Reach high-spending consumers at the pivotal stage of deciding what and where to buy with the only list of new construction addresses on the market. Target new homeowners in your area online or contact us at 1-800-695-0957 to discuss your new homeowner needs.