All Inclusive

National Enhanced File Plus

The Most Comprehensive List of Addresses Available

The Valassis National Enhanced File can help to fill in data gaps with a best-in-class address file. Built with our patented process, the National Enhanced File is the highest quality, single-source database on the market. The precise, clean, current data in the file allows you to achieve total geographic coverage.

Fulfilling the requirements for most clients, the National Enhanced File includes nearly 100% coverage of U.S. mailing addresses. For those with non-mailable applications, we add all possible addresses, such as vacant and new housing development addresses, giving you 100% coverage.

Our Difference

  • Utilizes our patented identity resolution process1
  • Includes unique addresses, which provides more locations to aid in saturation
  • Reaches 151M residential households, 14M business addresses, and 11.5M No-Stats addresses
  • Reviews addresses on a daily basis along with weekly updates from USPS® data
  • Meets USPS standards to provide maximum postage savings
  • Leverages seasonal insights to avoid mailing to vacant addresses which reduces costs
  • Enhances business analytics for planning strategic growth, mapping and GIS applications, fulfilling regulatory requirements, and more.

1 U.S. patent number 10007739

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