How to Order

Ordering Valassis Lists is Quick and Easy

There are 3 ways to order Valassis Lists:

1. Order Online

Follow these five easy steps:

  • Step 1: Sign In or Register by clicking here.
  • Step 2: Select a database.
  • Step 3: Select geography.
  • Step 4: Then click on the demographic tab to select demographic criteria such as income, age, home value, dwelling type (optional). Next click on basic criteria to select names or mail date if mailing during a seasonal time of year within your geography.
  • Step 5: Click 'counts' to get results of your query. The count can be found on the top left hand size of the screen. Pricing will be summarized at the bottom of the screen along with your criteria.
  • Step 6: Download report to view counts by zip code or saturation detail summary.
  • Step 7: Name your query, save, and order. Follow the screens until order is completed. Your order will be emailed directly to you.

2. Order By Telephone at 1-800-695-0957

We will gladly help you order Valassis Lists by telephone. Take advantage of our direct mail marketing expertise to help reach your target market. To help us recommend the perfect list of leads for your offer, be ready to tell us:

  • Your type of business
  • Your products/services
  • Your geographic market area
  • Your direct mail offer
  • Your ideal customer description - i.e. age, income, ethnicity

3. Submit Order Form by Email or Fax

  • Download a form by clicking here.
  • Request a form by telephone at 1-800-695-0957

You can submit a Valassis Lists Order form by: