Keep Tabs on Postal Address Changes

Throughout the year, the United States Postal Service adjusts Carrier Routes across the country to optimize their mail delivery. As a result, addresses are being moved in and out of carrier routes continuously. Carrier routes and ZIP Codes can expand or contract, or be deleted entirely. In today's environment, the USPS® has accelerated this process and route changes are more prevalent than ever. In fact, each week Valassis receives over 46 million changes from the USPS® reflecting adjustments to the addresses we own and route changes are a key component of these updates.

While the USPS® does not keep a historical record of the changes they send us weekly, Valassis does. Why? Because Valassis must support our national┬áSave┬áDirect Mail product and incorporate Carrier Route and ZIP code movement effectively and accurately into our customer profiles. Since a customer profile may be created only once or twice a year, our ability to adjust the profile to meet postal changes in between profile updates is critical.

CHARM: City History and Route Movement

Now Valassis is making their unique CHARM product available to all marketers. CHARM provides a record of all address movement over the past four years and is updated monthly with any new movement that occurred.

Here's how it works. If you are mailing a specific Carrier Route on a regular basis and the USPS® moves addresses from that route into different Carrier Routes, then CHARM will identify the new Carrier Routes you need to include in your profile.

Sample CHARM Profile

Who Needs CHARM?

CHARM is essential for any marketer that is targeting a specific geography over time. This includes retailers, franchises, banks, grocery stores and any other marketers who want to reach their audience based on a set geographic footprint.

The next time you notice that the counts you typically receive are much different than the last time you ordered, even though you selected the exact same Carrier Routes and ZIPS, CHARM will tell you why. CHARM is the only product in the marketplace today that can help you solve this dilemma because it is the only complete record of postal changes available. We know it works, we use it ourselves!

Works Like a CHARM!

CHARM keeps you in front of your customers by:

  • Detecting address movement over the last 4 years to ensure that you know which ZIP and Carrier Routes your customers and prospects reside in.
  • Updating client profiles to ensure seamless consistency of reach.
  • Allowing you to understand in detail postal re-alignments

Two Ways to Implement CHARM:

  • We can update your profiles for you using CHARM. The fee for this service would be based on how many records and Carrier Routes are in your mail plan and the frequency of updates you desire.
  • We can provide the entire CHARM database to you for in-house installation so you can program it to meet your own platform needs.