Valassis Lists Case Studies


Satellite Communications and Entertainment

Mailer Objective

To reach homeowners of newly constructed residences as soon as they move in and before they have made a decision on their multimedia provider.

Valassis List Products

  • Valassis New Construction


  • Weekly
  • Single Family Homes


The Valassis New Construction file delivers the highest response rates of all sources used in this campaign to acquire satellite TV subscribers. On a week-by-week basis the New Construction file outperformed every other file in the mail plan. Consistently netting over 90% unique against all other new mover files used in the program, the mailer now uses the New Construction file exclusively as its sole source for new movers. In addition, the New Construction records exceed all of the internal requirements for credit worthiness. After all, consumers that invest in New Construction homes typically have sound credit.

Having the file's weekly update available on a Friday allows the mailer to go to press over the weekend and get their pieces into the mail stream first thing on Monday. This ensures that their offer is the first one in the mailbox.

Valassis Lists case studies are provided for informational purposes only and shall not be construed to predict future outcomes of other direct mail campaigns. Actual Costs for postage will vary due to the specific details of your own direct mail campaigns.