Valassis Lists Case Studies



Mailer Objective

Maximize effectiveness of existing new mover marketing efforts by adding new lists offering unique new movers to the existing program.

Valassis List Products

  • Valassis New Mover


  • Weekly


This large, nationwide retailer conducted a test of the Valassis New Movers list to determine if the Valassis New Mover product could supplement their existing new mover campaign. After several weeks of testing, the analysis showed that the Valassis New Movers list had approximately 25% unique new mover addresses when compared to the existing lists (at least 6) in use by the retailer. As such, the retailer is continuing with the Valassis New Mover list and incorporating it into their weekly new mover campaigns.

Analysis Results Details:

Entire Valassis New Movers:
26% unique

Valassis New Construction:
61% unique

Valassis Postal Intelligence:
69% unique

Valassis Lists case studies are provided for informational purposes only and shall not be construed to predict future outcomes of other direct mail campaigns. Actual Costs for postage will vary due to the specific details of your own direct mail campaigns.