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Track household population growth at the parish level in post-Katrina New Orleans so that local organizations can increase their ability to interpret indicators of the recovery process, act on these indicators to eliminate obstacles to recovery, identify needed reprioritization, and to advocate for equity in rebuilding activities.

The Data Center is building sustainable sources of data and information to support nonprofit planning in a rapidly changing post-catastrophic environment.

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Essential to GNOCDC's mission is the ability to demonstrate how the re-population efforts in New Orleans parishes are progressing. The city of New Orleans wants to maximize the value of the federal assistance funds they receive and ensure that they continue to be appropriately represented in Congress. In order to do this, it is important to track the repopulation efforts accurately.

In the rapidly changing post-Katrina environment, other data sources GNOCDC examined were insufficient in terms of their update cycle and quality, completeness, and the inability to group them on a census block level. For example, the Census produces only an annual estimate of the total population at the parish level. And these estimates are released nine months after the data they represent is gathered.

Since Valassis owns and updates nearly every address in the country on a weekly basis, our data is accurate, up to date and able to be mapped on a census block level. GNOCDC has created a visual representation of the Valassis data to show repopulation efforts.The maps show the Valassis Lists household data at a Census block level and juxtaposition the Valassis data against Satellite images of the same areas (Google maps). The GNOCDC launched the mapped data on their website in late April 2008. The data can be viewed at GNOCDC also allows counts by census block to be downloaded by qualified nonprofit organizations.

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