All Inclusive

The Most Comprehensive List of Addresses Available

Have you been searching for a database that contains every possible address in the U.S.? Then look no further, you've found it! The Valassis All Inclusive Database is unmatched in address comprehensiveness and is available for your use for a wide range of applications.

For many companies with unique data applications, a traditional "mail ready" file is not the best option. Traditional mail files are incomplete because they automatically exclude critical address types that you may want to incorporate into your application. Where other "mail" databases automatically exclude vacant addresses, do-not-deliver addresses and others; the Valassis All Inclusive Database provides them ALL and lets you choose whether or not your objective allows you to utilize them.

The Valassis All Inclusive Database contains all possible addresses available within the postal system, including the following:

  • Mailable Addresses
  • Vacant Addresses
  • Throwback Addresses - Street address for a customer who rents a PO Box and does not have mail delivered to the street address per the customer's request.
  • Do Not Delivers - Valassis suppresses any customer address from the database who does not wish to receive the Save Direct Mail products.
  • Seasonal Addresses
  • Business Addresses
  • OWGM (Only Way to Get Mail) - Reach people that are only able to receive their mail one way, via post office boxes.

By utilizing the Valassis All Inclusive Database, you can be confident that you're starting with 100% of all possible addresses. This type of database is ideal for companies using data for the following applications:

  • Private carrier delivery for product distribution
  • Survey companies trying to achieve full address probability for address based sampling in their frame
  • Address validation or verification systems
  • Door-to-door deliveries/services
  • Fraud Detection and Investigative Services
  • Insurance Purposes for Flood Zones

What do all of these applications have in common? The need for a comprehensive database, which Valassis can offer you. No other source can provide the level of data, quality, service and opportunity to begin your application with confidence!

JUST AS ALL OUR DATA IS, the Valassis All Inclusive Database is compiled via the USPS® CDS updating service. And because Valassis is the largest commercial CDS owner in the country, we have the most addresses to offer you.

Contact us at 1-800-695-0957 to learn more about how you can access the Valassis All Inclusive Database, the most comprehensive data source of its kind available today.