About Us

The Nation's Leading Direct Mail Company

With shared and solo advertising programs reaching an average of 70 million households weekly, Valassis is the single largest mailer in the United States. We maintain the most accurate and frequently updated national address database in the country, which we use to run our direct mail business.

This database is available for use among all direct marketers, large and small. We also provide expert postal discount and deliverability consultation through the Valassis List Group. Our website is a user-friendly list count and order fulfillment system that makes targeting your market quick and easy.

Why Valassis Lists is the Best Choice for Reaching Your Market

Only Valassis has every U.S. household and business address.

  • Largest national universe by 20-50 million households
  • Fewest simplified addresses
  • More P.O. Boxes
  • More city style addresses
  • More coverage of U.S. possessions
  • More SUD/SUN (Secondary Unit Designators/Numbers)
  • Trailers

Only Valassis is the #1 volume customer of the USPS.

  • Quick resolution for all postal issues
  • Deep postal expertise

Only Valassis mails its own national database.

  • Unlike other compilers, we're not just building a database for others to use, we are running a billion dollar business that depends on mailing our own Save Direct Mail product to our list.
  • Valassis mails 70 million pieces from our file each week.

Only Valassis appends over 1,500 different demo- and psychographics.

  • Incorporates census, demographic, and lifestyle data
  • Precise coverage of your desired target market

Only Valassis overlays the highest percentage of names onto its saturation files.

  • Where other files claim to have a higher percentage, they have fewer overall addresses.

Only Valassis updates and verifies our data feeds weekly.

  • Other national files update bi-monthly and do not verify the data.
  • Valassis double-checks the data with patent-pending software and a team of list experts trained to spot and correct any and all possible errors.
  • Fully CASSTM Certified and Delivery Point Validated (DPV)
  • 5 Digit ZIP/Automation Ready

Only Valassis provides mailable lists that factor in seasonality.

  • Valassis mails its national file and avoids mailing to those consumers that are likely to not be home.
  • Valassis tracks seasonal residential patterns and flags addresses where residents leave in summer/winter periods.
  • Valassis identifies college student addresses where addresses are vacant during parts of the year.

Only Valassis has the most New Construction addresses.

  • Target by move-in date
  • Updated weekly

Only Valassis has the most comprehensive list of New Movers.

  • Includes proprietary Postal Intelligence to identify new movers and new construction
  • Includes Telco and Deed sources

The Valassis List Group provides target market, postal discount, and direct marketing consultation. Get counts and order here.

Contact a Valassis Lists expert at 1-800-695-0957 or via email at datalicensing@vericast.com to discuss your direct marketing goals.